New Campus in Irvine!

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As a part of long-term strategic plan, Rochester University has had a plan in

place to move our campus and facilitate the growing student body. Anticipating the

growth of our institution and to serve different needs of students, the Board of Directors

has made a decision to move our campus to Orange County and the City of Irvine in

specific. Irvine is known as a master-planned city in Orange County, California. It has

been one of the safest cities in America and is known for its education, businesses, The

Great Park, amusement park, beaches, shopping, entertainment, diversity of culture, etc.

As a part of plan, we have moved our campus to the current address in Irvine at the turn

of the year 2017 and expected to serve our students from the early 2018 at our new


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8 Academic Advising 2018.05.14
7 Registration 2018.05.14
6 Student Orientation 2018.05.14
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4 Student at College Life Cycle! 2017.11.27
3 Student Government! 2017.11.27
2 Diversity Policy! 2017.11.27
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