Master of Theology (2 Years / 48 Units)


Program Description:

The Master of Theology is designed to prepare students for further study, in preparation for an advanced study or employment that requires a master's degree. This program concentrates especially on the upper division biblical courses including biblical languages, methods of exegesis, theology, and hermeneutics.


Graduation Requirements: 48 units
Concentration requirement:
24 units
Electives in Any area of interest: 24 units
Residence requirement: 24 units to be taken at 
Rochester University


Program Learning Outcomes:


1. Demonstrate a competent knowledge of the Old and New Testament.

2. Demonstrate competent knowledge of theology in their contemporary issues.

3. Integrate biblical knowledge into their Christian ministry or context.

4. Apply biblical and theological knowledge to serve ministry.


Admission Requirements:


Anyone possessing a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent meets the basic academic requirement for admission to the program. See the section on admissions criteria, earlier in this catalog, for additional requirements.


Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the Master of Theology program:

1.      Applicants for admission must hold a Bachelor of Arts or equivalent degree from a university or college with at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 (4.00 scale), and must submit official transcripts for their academic work. 

2.      A completed application form for admission

3.      Application fee

4.      Recommendation Form


Program Requirements:

As stated above, a minimum of 24 units must be completed in the concentration of Biblical Studies or Theological studies. The remaining 24 units are to be taken as electives and may be derived from Biblical Studies as well as the other areas of Church History and Systematic Theology.



Course Offerings (for full descriptions, see Course Offerings Section of catalog)




Course Title


A Requirement (minimum of 6 courses)

OT 301

Theology of the OT (4 units)






24 units

OT 315

Introduction to the Prophets (4 units)

NT 301

Introduction to the NT (4 units)

NT 205

Life and Teachings of Christ (4 units)

NT 305

Pauline Epistles (4 units)

THE 401

Systematic Theology I (4 units)

THE 402

Systematic Theology II (4 units)

THE 415

Apologetics (4 units)

THE 425

Contemporary Theology I (4 units)

THE 426

Contemporary Theology II (4 units)

THE 511

Biblical Theology I (4 units)

THE 512

Biblical Theology II (4 units)

An Elective (minimum of 6 courses)

OT 515

Introduction to the Prophets (4 units)







24 units

OT 520

Major Prophets (4 units)

OT 521

Minor Prophets (4 units)

PSY 515

Pastoral Counseling II (4 units)

NT 503

Synoptic Gospels (4 units)

NT 511

Theology of the New Testament (4 units)

NT 512

Studies in the Gospel of Mark (4 units)

NT 520

New Testament and the Biblical World (4units)

NT 521

The Passion of Jesus (4 units)

NT 531

Women in the New Testament (4 units)


Christian Ethics (4 units)


Graduation Requirements:


1) Completion of 48 quarter units

2) Completion of the course work with a GPA of 2.75 or above.

4) Demonstration of competence in Biblical Studies through coursework

5) Passing Exit interview