Teaching is a form of ministry at Rochester University. At Rochester, students and scholars truly mold and shape an edifying community where governance is shared and horizon of critical knowledge is broadened, and leadership and servant spirit become foundation of the university. We are here to serve with one another holding biblical values.

The mission of Rochester University is to educate students to be good citizens and competent leaders to serve communities through the excellent programs of higher education in the area of biblical studies, ministry and business administration.


Rochester University gives primary regards to the following learning outcomes as an educational institution:

Institutional Learning Outcomes (Undergraduate)


1.      Demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills in any given subject

2.      Demonstrate knowledge of humanities, science, social science and history

3.      Perform effective communication in oral and written setting

4.      Demonstrate advanced knowledge in their chosen discipline

5.      Apply a lifestyle of service based on biblical values


 Institutional Learning Outcomes (Graduate)


1.      Demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen academic or professional fields

2.      Exercise life style of service and leadership based on biblical values


Rochester University seeks to achieve the mission and institutional objectives by complying with standards of higher education and continued assessment.