A full-time load is considered to be 12-16 quarter hours per quarter. To achieve the completion of a program within the normal time frame, you should carry an average of 12 hours each quarter.


Courses typically require approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of study time outside the classroom for each hour in class. You should consider family, employment, and church and ministry responsibilities when determining your quarter load.


You must have the Academic Dean’s permission to carry more than 16 hours in a quarter. This decision depends primarily upon the your grade point average (GPA), according to the following guidelines:


18 hours 2.70 GPA

19 hours 3.00 GPA

20 hours 3.30 GPA


A new student’s high school GPA, a returning student’s GPA, or a dramatic change in life circumstances may require a reduced load of 12 hours to be taken for one or more quarters. If the Academic Dean’s decision, or your own decision, causes an average quarter load of less than 16 hours, you may not graduate on your original schedule.


If you want to get back on schedule, you should consider taking online courses during the summer quarter, taking a course during the Winter Modular, or seeking an overload later in your college career.