You can receive an Application Packet by writing, calling, or e-mailing our Admissions Officer:


Admissions Office

Rochester University

4040 Barranca Pkwy # 270,

Irvine, CA 92604



If you wish, you can send your packet by e-mail to the following email address:


Just let us know whether you prefer a paper or an electronic copy.


New students without prior college experience are strongly advised to request admittance for a fall quarter rather than a spring quarter.


We recommend that you begin the application process as early as possible. Before we can review your application packet, we must have all of the required documents. It has been our experience that it can take several weeks for transcripts, letters of reference, and other key documents to be sent to Rochester University.


If your application package is complete by the deadline shown in the calendar at the front of this catalog, we will review your application and will respond promptly with our decision. If your package is missing a few items and the deadline is drawing near, please contact our Admissions Officer. When possible, we will review your package and offer you provisional admission. (You will then be required to complete the package before you can begin your courses.)


The application process consists of three steps. All three must be completed before admission to the college is official.


1) Complete an Application File, including:


·                     A completed and signed Application Form;

·                     A signed Mission Statement Agreement form;

·                     A completed Recommendation Form;

·                     The nonrefundable Application Fee;


Arrange for official transcripts to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office from the applicant’s high school and, if applicable, from all universities, colleges, or professional schools attended by the applicant. (GED may be substituted for high school diploma.) If the applicant is still enrolled in high school, then an incomplete transcript (not showing graduation) will be sufficient. However, as soon as possible, a complete, official transcript (indicating a graduation date) is required.


2) Letter of Acceptance

College officials will review your Application Package when it is complete. It is our goal to send you written notification within two weeks of application deadline. At any time, however, you may contact the Registrar’s Office to inquire as to the status of your application.


If you receive a letter of acceptance, it will include information regarding subsequent steps. It will also include a Housing Application. You should return this form to the Registrar’s Office immediately for processing by the Dean of Students. Housing Applications for new students are due one month before the first day of New Student Orientation.


Included with your letter of acceptance will be a copy of the Student Handbook and a form indicating that you have read the handbook and agree to comply with it. This form should be returned to the Registrar’s Office immediately.


Along with your acceptance letter you will receive a Physical Readiness Report that is to be completed by a licensed physician and returned to Registrar’s Office. The acceptance letter will also ask that you provide a recent photograph of yourself. This photo will help us to recognize you at orientation and therefore, better serve you.


Finally, you should send the tuition deposit along with the Residence Hall or Apartment Application, Physical Readiness Report, and the Student Handbook form in order to confirm your enrollment.


If the college is unable to accept you for enrollment in the upcoming quarter, we will advise you regarding the steps you should take before resubmitting your application.


3) Intent to Enroll


By returning your Housing Application, the Physical Readiness Report, the statement regarding the Student Handbook, and your tuition deposit, you are informing the college that you intend to enroll and to register for classes in the upcoming quarter. We will pre-register you in courses, and will help you find suitable housing.